On safe zones

An interesting juxtaposition — From J. Dana Stuster at Foreign Policy, The United States and Turkey, working in concert with Syrian rebels, will create a “safe zone” in Syria, according to new reports. […] The proposed area of the safe zone would extend along a 68-mile stretch of the Turkish border and would reach 40 miles into Syrian […]

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On interruptions

From Bonnie Honig in Antigone, Interrupted, I am one of those people who finishes other people’s sentences. Some people see such interruption as impolite and resent the institution. Others appreciate it and see it as a part of a kind of conversational co-stewardship. You can tell pretty quickly which are which. With those who resent […]

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On summer school

From 29 June to 3 July, I attended the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre’s five day summer school on Human Rights Research Methods. From their description of program learning outcomes, All sessions will address research design, methodology and impact and will draw heavily on examples and case-studies. The programme also includes dedicated sessions on particular […]

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