On Alt for Norge

After some 165 years, I finally made it back home! I spent Sunday driving around Skien, Norway looking for the farms where my Norwegian ancestors lived before relocating to southeastern Wisconsin in the 1850s (see: Langesund, Hoppestad, Foss, Gjerpen parish, Kamperhaug, Thorsholt, and Siljan parish). Sadly, I’ve been living in Norway too long to participate on Alt for Norge…

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On lunch

Foreign Minister (Utenriksministeren) Børge Brende visited HVB today for a public lecture and lunch. update: Norsk utenrikspolitikk i en ny tid

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On conferences: PREMIG

On 20-21 August 2015, I attended the final conference of PREMIG: Thinking about going ‘home’: engaging with scenarios of return migration held at PRIO. From the conference page, The possibility of one day returning to one’s country of origin is a fact of life for international migrants. Some live in fear of deportation; others have […]

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On summer school

From 29 June to 3 July, I attended the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre’s five day summer school on Human Rights Research Methods. From their description of program learning outcomes, All sessions will address research design, methodology and impact and will draw heavily on examples and case-studies. The programme also includes dedicated sessions on particular […]

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On meetings: EMN on Resettlement; Regional Solutions and Humanitarian Assistance

On 12 June 2015, I attended the EMN National conference in Norway on Resettlement; Regional Solutions and Humanitarian Assistance. The conference was organised by the Norwegian European Migration Network National Contact Point (NO EMN NCP), consisting of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), in collaboration with the […]

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On site visits: Crotone

Spent 13 May 2015 doing a site visit of the CARA Sant’Anna di Isola Capo Rizzuto center for asylum-seekers in Crotone, Italy. Met with staff guards, translators, regional head of Immigration (Italian Police). Discussed physical layout of center, the rotation system for guards’ contracts, overall safety of center, their impressions of the increasing wave of […]

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On this blog

I am halfway finished with a MSc program in Human Rights and Multiculturalism, living and studying in Norway. My current research centers on international refugee management policies, specifically on the historical use and development of resettlement (overføringsflyktning, kvoteflyktning) in Norway and Sweden. edit: As of February 2016, my research is affiliated with the section on Foreign […]

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