On historical resettlement planning

From FMR 49 – Lessons from planned relocation and resettlement in the past, read by Jane McAdam: In 1942-1945, US President Roosevelt launched a covert “M” project to study resettlement sites around the world, resulting in 660 land studies in 90+ volumes.

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On conferences: the discursive construction of ‘strangers’ @ Uni Birmingham

Ruth Wodak’s lecture on the discursive construction of ‘strangers’ during a conference held by the University of Birmingham on 5.11.15: Inclusion and exclusion of migrants and refugees are renegotiated in the European Union on almost a daily scale: ever new policies defining and restricting immigration are proposed by European member states. A return to more […]

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On star talk

Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts Edward Snowden on Star Talk (part 1). Worth a listen if, for nothing else, Tyson and Snowden on UDHR (part 1 @40:00). 26.09.15 update: part 2 of their conversation.

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