On girl crushes

Three lovely bits from a recent conversation with bell hooks and Emma Watson in Paper Mag: [bell] hooks: …I have an overall obsession in my life with beauty. I’m always wanting to surround myself with the kind of beauty that uplifts you, that runs counter to some of the stereotypes of feminist women. [Emma] Watson: Yes, yes. In […]


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On countering rape

Elisabeth Jean Wood and Dara Kay Cohen published an op-ed in the NYT on how to counter rape during war, Last year, at a global conference on sexual violence during war, many speakers agreed that the best way to deter such crimes was prosecution, and they called for more of it. But prosecutions are not enough. We […]

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On intersectionality

Over at The Washington Post, Kimberlé Crenshaw discusses intersectionality and action — Intersectionality was a lived reality before it became a term. Today, nearly three decades after I first put a name to the concept, the term seems to be everywhere. But if women and girls of color continue to be left  in the shadows, something […]

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On vulnerability

Emily Cousens in the Independent asks the question “Are Syrian men not innocent and vulnerable too?” — If our humanitarian sympathies are only summoned in response to children and families, then we risk dehumanising Arab men. This only helps to reinforce a history of Western misrepresentation, in which Arab men are viewed as dangerous, uncivilized, […]

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