On backlash and global opinion

A piece published at The Hill on 11 February by András Simonyi about the global backlash Denmark recently received in light of their response to an influx of asylum seekers caught my attention — But Danes — politicians and the general public alike — need to realize something that strangely eluded them completely: that they are […]

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On perpetrators and victims

Stumbled across a fascinating conversation hosted over at Foreign Policy: in discussing victims and perpetrators of genocide, Joshua Oppenheimer and David Rieff touch on film, intervention, kitsch and smugness. [note, the transcript is a reduxed version of the audio] Joshua Oppenheimer: Most nonfiction films dealing with human rights abuse tend to tell us that things are well in […]

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On star talk

Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts Edward Snowden on Star Talk (part 1). Worth a listen if, for nothing else, Tyson and Snowden on UDHR (part 1 @40:00). 26.09.15 update: part 2 of their conversation.

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