On webinars: A crisis of refugee protection?

Dr Cathryn Costello and Prof Guy Goodwin-Gil hosted a webinar, ‘Is there a refugee crisis in Europe, or a crisis of lack of refugee protection?‘, on 12.11.15 for OxHRH. The webinar is archived here; also find a list of further readings. (the 1956 Hungarian crisis is specifically addressed starting at 33:00; also, they field a fascinating question about […]


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On panel discussions: The Migrant and Refugee Crisis @ Oxford Martin School

Interesting set up, really interesting result: The Oxford Martin School hosted a panel to discuss the migrant and refugee crisis + responses and solutions. In her six minutes to address the panel, Bridget Anderson brought up issues around victimhood, agency and morals [@35:20] — On September the 7th in response to the so-called ‘refugee crisis […]

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On public conversations

video: UN High Level Side Event / Panel on Migration, specifically “Strengthening cooperation on migration and refugee movements in the perspective of the new development agenda” (30.09.15; 3 hours, 13 minutes). see also: press release | web resources

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On lynx cats

Sad to say, the lectures I used to coordinate at RC never got this much press. With reporting by David Francis at Foreign Policy, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia discusses the future of the death penalty in the US — In his historic address to Congress Thursday, Pope Francis, leader of the Catholic church, called […]

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On summer school

From 29 June to 3 July, I attended the University of Essex’s Human Rights Centre’s five day summer school on Human Rights Research Methods. From their description of program learning outcomes, All sessions will address research design, methodology and impact and will draw heavily on examples and case-studies. The programme also includes dedicated sessions on particular […]

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