On refugees after Paris, et al.

General: The science behind why people fear refugees  related: what current debates are really about, “what we’re debating right now is really more about American feelings (our sense of security versus our sense of righteousness) than it is about macro-level solutions to their crisis.” from: Europe’s refugee problems, and ours  Our reaction to terrorism is […]

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On refugees resettling cities

[updated as I find further examples] USA Detroit: Let Syrians settle Detroit [USCRI-Detroit awarded grant in 2016] Baltimore: A city that wants more refugees Syracuse: The refugees that come alone Roanoke: success there, The refugees of Roanoke Clarkston: The ‘most diverse’ square mile in America Buffalo: Resettled refugees help to ‘bring Buffalo back’ Utica: This rust […]

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On conferences: Guterres @ 12th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference

On 29 October 2015, António Guterres gave the lunchtime keynote lecture at the 12th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference (video available). The High Commissioner echoes many of his statements from his Georgetown lecture; the quotes I’ve transcribed dive deeper into securitization, resettlement + US influence — On the US [@ :23:20] — Guterres: You have a […]

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On asylum-seekers in Germany

Heather Horn in The Atlantic interviewed Kathleen Newland of the Migration Policy Institute and discussed the difference between refugees and asylum-seekers — There’s no clear parallel for this sort of influx in the United States. On paper, the U.S. is a giant in the refugee-acceptance business, taking in more refugees than every other country in the world combined, […]

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On resettlement to the US

Major kudos to Dara Lind over at Vox for writing up one of the best descriptions I’ve seen yet in the news on how resettlement to the US works — The US sets an annual quota for global refugees, as well as regional quotas. In 2015, the US anticipated taking only 33,000 refugees from the Middle […]

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