On 2016 projected global resettlement needs

UNHCR’s 2016 projected global resettlement needs is a treasure trove of context as to what’s going on, statistically, and the behind the scenes of global resettlement.

From page 17,

Strategic response 2015 – 2016

The Resettlement Service will:

• Expand global capacity and response: Resettlement needs continue to outstrip the number of available places, particularly emergency places.

• Streamline procedures: Resettlement processing challenges require collaboration and resources by UNHCR and States to further simplify resettlement procedures while ensuring the integrity of the process.

• Preserve the humanitarian foundation of resettlement: UNHCR will continue to advocate for States to avoid restrictive selection criteria based on integration potential and to receive refugees recognized under UNHCR’s mandate.

• Expand reception and integration capacity: UNHCR will support the ongoing efforts of resettlement partners and networks to reinforce the integration capacity of receiving communities.

• Situate resettlement within comprehensive solutions: UNHCR will work with host and resettlement countries to integrate resettlement more effectively with other durable solutions.

• Promote multi-year commitments: The use of multi-year resettlement commitments has been identified as a best practice that enables predictable planning and resource allocation, particularly for priority refugee situations and protracted situations.

• Boost field capacity: UNHCR will provide eld-oriented guidance, practical training and operational tools, as well as strategic deployments of af liate workforce.

• Foster partnerships: UNHCR will continue to ensure the effective management of global resettlement efforts through partnerships with the wider NGO community, IOM and other institutions.

• Ensure the integrity of the protection response: UNHCR will develop specialized training and guidance on fraud prevention, investigation, and response, and on ensuring integrity at all stages of the protection-case management process.

• Improve global coordination: UNHCR and resettlement partners will maximize the use of the ATCR/WGR process to enhance the effectiveness and capacity of the global resettlement programme including through the review of existing core and contact groups.