On the patron saint of libraries

Came across this today while reading Paul Lendvai’s The Hungarians (2003) “Three chronicles report different versions, written between 970 and 1075, of an attack on the monistary of St Gallen and its surroundings (today in Switzerland). “The heathen barbarians” advanced like lightening through Bavaria and Swabia along Lake Constance, and inflicted heavy damage on the […]


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On resettlement as investment

In response to the passing of Andrew S. Grove (an Intel founder, chief exec and chairman + resettled to the US from Hungary by way of Austria in 1957), Chris Blattman poses an interesting question — was the greatest contribution to American prosperity the resettling of refugees?

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On learning from the past

[this post will be continually updated] General: Five history lessons in how to deal with a refugee crisis 1989 Comprehensive Plan of Action: To deal with the refugee crisis you need to understand the cause The Balkans: What the Balkans can teach us about how to end the conflict in the Levant ; on the “ancient […]

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