On historical resettlement planning

From FMR 49 – Lessons from planned relocation and resettlement in the past, read by Jane McAdam: In 1942-1945, US President Roosevelt launched a covert “M” project to study resettlement sites around the world, resulting in 660 land studies in 90+ volumes.

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On European resettlement resources

on Researching Forced Migration / Forced Migration Open Access ECRE – European Council on Refugees and Exiles – on Resettlement European Resettlement Network Asylum Corner IOM Missing Migrants project Migrant Crisis project hosted at the European University Institute and Migration Policy Centre Know Reset project hosted at the European University Institute: “KNOW RESET has resulted in […]

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On resettlement to the US

Major kudos to Dara Lind over at Vox for writing up one of the best descriptions I’ve seen yet in the news on how resettlement to the US works — The US sets an annual quota for global refugees, as well as regional quotas. In 2015, the US anticipated taking only 33,000 refugees from the Middle […]

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