On European resettlement resources

  • on Researching Forced Migration / Forced Migration Open Access
  • ECRE – European Council on Refugees and Exiles – on Resettlement
  • European Resettlement Network
  • Asylum Corner
  • IOM Missing Migrants project
  • Migrant Crisis project hosted at the European University Institute and Migration Policy Centre
  • Know Reset project hosted at the European University Institute:

    “KNOW RESET has resulted in the first website mapping EU involvement in refugee resettlement. It focuses on resettlement in the EU and covers the 27 Member States, involved in resettlement in one form or another, and to various degrees. It contains a unique database providing legal, administrative and policy documents as well as statistics collected from national authorities by the project team. It also includes a series of comparative tables and graphs, the country profiles of the Member States, country of first asylum reports, as well as thematic reports and policy briefs. This user-friendly website is a valuable instrument for: comparing the varied frameworks, policies and practices within the EU; for evaluating the resettlement capacity in the EU; for following the evolution of Member States’ commitment in resettlement; and for assessing the impact of the Joint EU Resettlement Programme.”