On public opinion

IOM and Gallup World Poll released global polling data on people’s attitudes towards migration. Find the press release here; the full report here.

From the press release,

How the World Views Migration – a newly released report produced by IOM in collaboration with the Gallup World Poll – provides, for the first time, a global overview of people’s attitudes towards immigration. […]

The study, based on interviews conducted by Gallup with over 183,000 adults across over 140 countries between 2012 and 2014, shows that people around the world are not as opposed to immigration as may be commonly assumed. Some 43 per cent favour increasing or keeping stable the numbers of immigrants in their countries, while only 34 per cent support lower levels of immigration.

Related: a recent NYT article, looking for future trends in migration, cite 2012 Gallup data about the global desire to migrate.