On international resettlement conferences

From Reuters: U.N. to hold March summit to resettle, place millions of Syrians

He [Ban Ki-moon] said the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees would convene a conference in March to win pledges from countries to resettle or help place those who have been displaced due to the Syria conflict.


He said he would also hold a high-level summit on managing large-scale movements of migrants and refugees one day before the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations in New York in September.

See also the remarks from HC Guterres at the Plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly “Global awareness of the tragedies of irregular migrants in the Mediterranean basin with specific emphasis on Syrian asylum seekers” on 20 November 2015,

We need to provide those fleeing the Syria crises  and others uprooted by conflicts that are no less violent but far less visible  safe, legal alternatives to the chaotic and dangerous smuggling routes they are forced to take today in order to reach safety.

This means more resettlement and humanitarian admission, more flexible visa arrangements, more private sponsorship programmes and other possibilities. Many efforts have been made in this regard, and I very much welcome all the recent announcements by governments that have underlined the importance of this element in addressing the global crisis. But much more is needed, and so UNHCR will be convening a “High Level Meeting on Global Responsibility-Sharing and Other Forms of Admission for Syrian Refugees” early next year, in consultation with the Secretary-General, to mobilize significant additional commitments.

(emphasis added in all quotes)

update: UNHCR Events: Pathways for admission of Syrian Refugees; High-level meeting on global responsibility sharing through pathways for admission of Syrian refugees, to be held at Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland 30 March 2016: concept note | background note | provisional agenda

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