On more proposed changes to Norwegian asylum and immigration policy [2]

[following the updated proposals, this post is a continuation of the original] Prop. 90 L (2015-2016): Endringer i utlendingsloven mv. (instramninger II) / final info Prop. 91 L (2015-2016): Endringar i utlendingslova (pågriping og fengsling i samband med 48-timarprosedyren) / final info Press conference om endanger i utlendingsloven [05.04.2016] 01.05.2016: Listhaug vil ha arbeidspraksis for nylig ankomne innvandrere […]


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On past as prologue [5]

Leon Gordenker, Refugees in International Politics (1987) — The misery of refugees thus dulls the glitter of unilateral, short-term campaigning by governments. The homeless, persecuted, hungry, confused people who turn up at border posts and distant airports signify the costs of conflict within and among societies and states. They are living monuments to war, disorder, […]

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On past as prologue [4]

Jean-Pierre Hocke, “Beyond Humanitarianism: The Need for Political Will to Resolve Today’s Refugee Problem,” p. 40-1, in G. Loescher and L. Monahan (eds.), Refugees in International Relations (1989). I am particularly concerned about the growing negative public opinion in the west vis-a-vis refugees and asylum-seekers from the Third World. Many governments in the West have […]

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On creative solutions [2]

UDI’s Director, Frode Forfang, recently wrote a blog post about rethinking the international refugee regime (det internasjonale flyktningregimet) by – if I understand him correctly – doing away with asylum in favor of a European-based quota system — La oss tenke oss et helt annet system. Et system der Europa hvert år tok imot opptil […]

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On informal polls

From TV2, I en rundspørring TV 2 har utført blant nesten 1.000 asylsøkere på 19 asylmottak over hele landet, svarer 79 prosent av de spurte at de ser for seg en permanent fremtid i Norge. TV 2 besøkte 19 akuttmottak for asylsøkere over hele landet der de delte ut et spørreskjema med ni spørsmål, på […]

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On panel discussions: The Migrant and Refugee Crisis @ Oxford Martin School

Interesting set up, really interesting result: The Oxford Martin School hosted a panel to discuss the migrant and refugee crisis + responses and solutions. In her six minutes to address the panel, Bridget Anderson brought up issues around victimhood, agency and morals [@35:20] — On September the 7th in response to the so-called ‘refugee crisis […]

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On humanitarian visas

Sam Cowie at IRIN discusses Brazil’s use of humanitarian visas — Until recently, Haitians escaping their homeland after the utter devastation of the 2010 earthquake took hazardous overland routes through South America in the hope of finding a better life in Brazil, often putting their lives in the hands of unscrupulous smugglers. Now, it’s simple: they […]

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On a crisis of values

From Volker Türk’s remarks at the 133rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union General Debate — Yet the single-most important challenge to the protection of refugees, as well as to reaping the development potential of migration more broadly comes from populist politics and uninformed public debates. They engender a climate of fear. In some countries there […]

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On asylum-seekers in Germany

Heather Horn in The Atlantic interviewed Kathleen Newland of the Migration Policy Institute and discussed the difference between refugees and asylum-seekers — There’s no clear parallel for this sort of influx in the United States. On paper, the U.S. is a giant in the refugee-acceptance business, taking in more refugees than every other country in the world combined, […]

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On safe passage, asylum and R2P

Alex J. Bellamy over at IPI’s Global Observatory writes about safe passage and asylum on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the international community’s adoption of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) principle — The relationship between R2P and the protection of refugees was understood from the outset. Indeed, R2P itself grew out of earlier […]

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