On the EU internal quota relocations

25.01.16: updated statistics: 257 relocated from Italy, 157 from Greece

23.01.16: Building on the Lessons Learned to Make the Relocation Schemes Work More Effectively – UNCHR

05.01.16: Member States’ Support to Emergency Relocation Mechanism [hint: things aren’t looking so good]

01.12.15: EU to relocate asylum seekers currently in Sweden

09.11.15: 5 reasons relocating refugees is a nightmare

The fear is that if too many other countries want to send refugees away and too few want to take them in, a domino effect could collapse the whole process, which is already proving a nightmare to implement.

04.11.15: 116 relocated of 160,000. [EU Commission press release with updates.]

04.11.15: 30 refugees in Greece will be sent to Luxembourg.

Lisa de Bode at Al Jazeera America notes that the first 20 individuals are being relocated to Sweden from a camp in Italy under the EU refugee quota system.

Lithuania offered to resettle 1,105 refugees in the next two years but doesn’t appear to have any takers yet.

[updates as I hear of more relocations.]