On more proposed changes to Norwegian asylum and immigration policy [2]

[following the updated proposals, this post is a continuation of the original] Prop. 90 L (2015-2016): Endringer i utlendingsloven mv. (instramninger II) / final info Prop. 91 L (2015-2016): Endringar i utlendingslova (pågriping og fengsling i samband med 48-timarprosedyren) / final info Press conference om endanger i utlendingsloven [05.04.2016] 01.05.2016: Listhaug vil ha arbeidspraksis for nylig ankomne innvandrere […]

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On Norway’s 2016 quota for refugees

The formal documentation of the 2016 quota for resettlement refugees (overføringsflyktninger) in Norway: Ny: 2015-12-18-JD Kvoten for overføringsflyktninger 2016 – Kvotesammensetning (3/9/2016): Brev fra Justis- og beredskapsdepartementet med kvoten for overføringsflyktninger for 2016. Kvoten er på totalt 3120 plasser, hvorav 3000 er øremerket syriske flyktninger. [the letter] G-04/2015: Retningslinjer for arbeidet med overføringsflyktninger jf. utlendingsloven § 35.

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On creative solutions [2]

UDI’s Director, Frode Forfang, recently wrote a blog post about rethinking the international refugee regime (det internasjonale flyktningregimet) by – if I understand him correctly – doing away with asylum in favor of a European-based quota system — La oss tenke oss et helt annet system. Et system der Europa hvert år tok imot opptil […]

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On more proposed changes to Norwegian asylum and immigration policy

[05.04.2016 update: tracing the debate of the updated proposal can be found here.] New innvandrings- og integreringsminister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) put out a 150 page (! document available here) document outlining proposed changes to the Norwegian asylum and immigration policy today, including 40 major + minor changes to laws and regulations. Debate will is scheduled to […]

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On Canadian resettlement

Via UNHCR — The UN Refugee Agency has welcomed news of the arrival in Canada last night of the first group of Syrian refugees under a recently announced humanitarian programme. The programme will provide a new life in Canada for 25,000 Syrian refugees, the first 163 of whom arrived in Toronto from Lebanon by Royal […]

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On Norwegian budget debates

[this post will be continually updated as debates about the final national budget continue — changes in immigration law included] 23.11.15: Her er budsjettet samarbeidspartiene skal godkjenne i dag 19.11.15: Disse innstramningene er partiene engige om 16.11.15: Krever at asylinnstramminger blir midlertidige 11.11.15: Anklager opposisjonen for politisk spill om asyl 10.11.15: Dropper flytningforhandlinger med kun […]

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On the EU internal quota relocations

25.01.16: updated statistics: 257 relocated from Italy, 157 from Greece 23.01.16: Building on the Lessons Learned to Make the Relocation Schemes Work More Effectively – UNCHR 05.01.16: Member States’ Support to Emergency Relocation Mechanism [hint: things aren’t looking so good] 01.12.15: EU to relocate asylum seekers currently in Sweden 09.11.15: 5 reasons relocating refugees is a […]

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On fluctuating quotas

[this post will be continually updated] Many reports show that states are upping their quotas for resettling (Syrian) refugees: USA: 10,000 70,000 85,000 / 100,000 Canada: up to 50,000 by the end of 2016; 25,000 in 2015 (*just not single men – but maybe them, too. here’s how.) 10,000 / 4 years  + Quebec: 3,650 + private sponsorship. 01.03.2016: Canada says […]

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On Willkommenskultur

The Economist looks into how Germany is dealing with an influx of asylum-seekers locally and regionally — But Germany’s biggest political push will be to reform the EU’s rules so that all member states share refugees based on a binding quota system. This vision is aligned with the plan that Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of […]

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On resettlement to the US

Major kudos to Dara Lind over at Vox for writing up one of the best descriptions I’ve seen yet in the news on how resettlement to the US works — The US sets an annual quota for global refugees, as well as regional quotas. In 2015, the US anticipated taking only 33,000 refugees from the Middle […]

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