On graphics

The Good People at Vox once again make a great chart: Javier Zarracina illustrates UNHCR data on registered Syrian refugees to contextualize US involvement with resettlement —  

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On Canadian resettlement

Via UNHCR — The UN Refugee Agency has welcomed news of the arrival in Canada last night of the first group of Syrian refugees under a recently announced humanitarian programme. The programme will provide a new life in Canada for 25,000 Syrian refugees, the first 163 of whom arrived in Toronto from Lebanon by Royal […]

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On 2014 Statistical Yearbook

UNHCR just released their 2014 Statistical Yearbook. From chapter 3, durable solutions and new displacement — The number of countries admitting refugees for resettlement has remained relatively stagnant in recent years. Likewise, the number of available resettlement places has not grown significantly. These trends are in contrast to the number of resettlement claims, which continues […]

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On possible solutions

Quoted in NRK, Norwegian Minister of Justice Anders Anundsen — intentionally or not — promotes refugee resettlement as a solution: – Ideell løsning Anundsen skisserer det han mener er en ideell løsning på flyktningkrisen i Europa. – Norge og Nederland tar til orde for at man må plukke ut flyktninger fra flyktningleire i nærområder, og […]

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On Skype

Slight alterations have been made in the asylum interview process in Norway: UDI is staring to use Skype to conduct interviews with individuals around the country (else, everyone has to travel to Oslo). Via Bjorn Atle Gildestad and NRK, Asylsøkjarane står i kø for å koma seg gjennom papirmølla som kan sikre dei opphald i Norge. […]

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On Memphis and REP

What is going on in the US right now is utterly frustrating to watch from abroad. Major love to Ruth, Cam, and the rest of the REP family in Memphis. Via Kelli Cook at Local Memphis, TN lawmaker calls for round up of Syrian refugees — Ruth Lomo fled the South Sudan and was brought […]

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On learning from the past

[this post will be continually updated] General: Five history lessons in how to deal with a refugee crisis 1989 Comprehensive Plan of Action: To deal with the refugee crisis you need to understand the cause The Balkans: What the Balkans can teach us about how to end the conflict in the Levant ; on the “ancient […]

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